Breast Augmentation San Diego Helps You Feel the Difference

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic plastic surgical procedure in which a prosthetic implant that is filled with either silicone or saline is placed used to modify the shape or size of the breasts. Basically, breast augmentation is nothing but an artificial means of breast enlargement. This is also known as a boob job, and it is the most popular cosmetic procedure done by women. During a breast augmentation session, an implant will be placed under the tissue of the breast or the muscle below the breast. The implant can be filled with either soft silicone gel or saline solution.

An incision will be made in the bottom crease that is nature below the breast, armpit or lower edge of the areola to position the implant. Through the incision, the implant is inserted, and it may be placed into the chest muscle that is under the breast or the breast tissue. Some surgeons claim that inserting the implant under the chest muscle will lower the risk of capsular contracture that is a medical condition that hardens the tissue surrounding the implant. It is also claimed to interfere less with the procedure of mammography in comparison to placing the implant under the breast tissue.
Once the implant is adjusted carefully to the correct position and shape, the cut is closed with stitches. The implant has to be chosen according to the goals and body type of the person, and these factors vary from one woman to another. Choosing the appropriate implant is the key to have a successful breast augmentation. Only an experienced plastic surgeon will give the right suggestion on the type of implant that can be used. To have better results, the breast augmentation San Diego procedure can be teamed up with breast lift surgery. The breast lift is an outpatient procedure that is done used general or local anesthesia depending on the case.