Pros And Cons Of Lingual Braces

The first and foremost point about the lingual braces is this will be fixed in the teeth. These Harmony braces are similar to the many other braces in the market that help to straighten the teeth, correct the crowded teeth, misplaced teeth and teeth with gaps. According to the need of the patient, the braces will be customized in a proper manner so that there are no problems with wearing it. In harmony braces, the proper imprint of the teeth will be taken, and a digital model will be created for the treatment. This will ensure the target is hit in the bull’s eye.

Usually, robots will be used for bending the wires, and the braces will be created using the exact dimensions of the teeth. The teeth overcrowding will be treated well using this method. Usually, this procedure will take place in three levels. First, the passive clip will be used, and it will be replaced using the interactive clip, and finally, the active clip will be used to get the desired result. Some of the advantages of using this brace is it will be invisible.

The fit will be highly accurate for each tooth. Even complex jaw movements will be accommodated here without much complication. Even the stains can be hidden using the brace. Since the braces are created using robots, the chance of getting wrong output is very less. The wire changes will also occur very quickly. The clips are self-ligating, so there is no need to visit the dentist frequently for adjustments. Some of the disadvantages in these braces include high cost, adjusting the brace will be a bit difficult due to long gaps between the doctor visits, and cleaning is tough. In some cases, the speech of the wearer might not be very clear. Also, this is not a very good option for the complex oral problems.