Tips For London Underground Travel

London is one of the cities to have many specialties. London is a city that is an amazing amalgamation of the past and present. You can find historic buildings and as well as advanced/sophisticated facilities in this city. This city offers plenty of underground transportation services. People visiting the London for the first time should know the London Underground etiquettes and other related matters. You may log on to your City Experience to get more travel tips. To get a better insight about travel trends in the UK, you can log on to

When you are using the escalator, stand on the right, so that the left side has enough space for people to walk freely. If you want to use tube network, remember that it will be very busy during the rush hour, during when the most commuters will be traveling within the city. Both buses and trains will be overcrowded between 7.30 am to 9.30 am and 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

Make sure that you have the tickets ready in your hand as you reach the ticket barriers. This helps you to smoothly move in and out of the station without any hindrance. You should strictly practice this when you are using stations during rush hours.

There is no need to panic, if you have missed your stop and arrived at the wrong tube. The London Underground trains are available every 2- 7 minutes, so you can get another train in less time. You can use the mobile maps to know the route and distance.

You can find emptier on the carriages that are at the end of the platforms. So, walk to the end of the platforms, if you want to have comfortable seats.

Before you board the train, you should provide space or room for the people, who want to get out of the train. You should board the train only after people have got out the train. It is better to plan your travel and check whether any specific lines are closed for maintenance. Some train lines are closed during weekends for maintenance. You can check the TFL website to find whether any line is closed or not.

When traveling during warmer months, it is good to carry filled water bottles, so that you can quench your thirst when you need. Though London underground is modernized, some old stations may lack air conditioning facility.

You should keep your personal belongings very safe, especially during rush hours. Remember that pickpocket become very active in crowded areas and you have decent chance of being a victim of the pickpocket. Take enough precautionary measures to protect your belongings from pickpockets.

London Underground transport services are well staffed to help the passengers. If you need any help, then do not hesitate to ask the staffs, who can help you in different ways. London Underground is one of the efficient and affordable ways to travel within the city. Taking necessary precautions and having enough knowledge on using London Underground will make your travel experience more pleasurable. Keeping above discussed points in mind will surely make your travel safe and pleasant.

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